Jacob getting his Masters

Welcome back to another instalment of the Palmerston Physio blog, it’s great to have you back

You might remember me mentioning in the first blog about completing my Musculoskeletal Masters at the University of Queensland in 2015. This was actively encouraged and supported by the clinic to help further develop my skill set to then be able to provide a better level of care for the clients and to assist the other physiotherapists in the clinic.

This is a fantastic initiative by Palmerston Physiotherapy Clinic and Paul, the lead clinician, continues to promote on-going professional development with all of the physios and he actively encourages the physios to investigate further study opportunities at every chance.

It is one of these possibilities that has lead one of our clinicians to pack up his bags, only temporarily mind you, and head down to Curtin University in Perth to complete his own Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. Jacob is one of our Darwin-born and bred physios who has spent time in both Perth and Brisbane for his undergraduate degree before coming back to Darwin to work at the Palmerston Physiotherapy Clinic.


About Jacob Sciacca

Jacob has worked at the clinic for 3 years, carefully honing his hands-on and clinical reasoning skills which has put him in a perfect position to take the next step with the Curtin University Masters program.

The Masters program provides an advanced level of assessment skills and shapes the physios
previous experiences to allow them to make a more thorough and specialised diagnosis. This in turn allows for a much more targeted and individualised treatment program to be created, speeding up the rehabilitation process for our clients.

Jacob is currently completing extensive musculoskeletal placements as well as class-room based theory lectures and tutorials with some of the leading physiotherapists in Australia, and the world, as his tutors and supervisors.

Oh, and for those who know Jacob don’t worry he has still found some time on the weekends to pursue his love of fishing and getting out on the ocean, he’s not completely stuck with his head in the books!

We’re all very excited to be welcoming Jacob back to the clinic at the end of the year after his graduation, and maybe a well-deserved holiday after the stresses and demands of full-time study, when he will be putting his new skills into practice in helping our clients get the best possible outcomes!

Until then you can see anyone of our other physiotherapists for your physiotherapy needs by making an appointment today!

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